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Group Traveling Massage Therapist Houston Texas - Mobile Spa Group Massage Houston Texas -

...the more the better


We think it's wonderful that you're interested in bringing relaxation to more than one. Our services are truly a great way to showcase your love and/or appreciation for individuals and just like our individual services, we can fine tune and tailor each massage to you and your guests preferences for optimal comfort.

Couples / 2 People
Bringing an extension of your love & care to one of your most cherished people as they get service with you

Friends and Family
Bringing a group of your loved ones together as everyone gets the service & care that yields peace, joy, and comfort

Employee & Corporate
Promote employee wellness and show your appreciation for their hard work. Treat employees to premium spa and well being services.

Need us to travel out of state or with you for an event? We'll do it! Just provide the details as you request an appointment.

Marble Surface

Whatever the occasion might be, we'd be glad to offer our expertise and services to help plan your next couple or group event.


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